Attics & Crawlspace Cleaning
and Insulation for Lynnwood Homes


Guardian Attic & Crawlspace Services—Lynnwood

Lynnwood Crawlspace Cleaning & Attic Clean-Outs

Do you prioritize regular maintenance of your crawlspace and attic? If you do, you are one of few Lynnwood home and business owners to do so. Most people forget about and ignore these spaces, even though their neglect is often the root cause of roof and foundation damage. Over time, pests can make their way into these dark areas, or a leak may cause water accumulation and serious damage.

Guardian Home has been a reliable Western Washington roofing contractor for years. So trust us when we tell you that your attics and crawlspaces must be maintained if you hope to keep your homes and buildings in good condition for a long time!

When you’re not in the industry, making sure these vulnerable areas are properly taken care of can be difficult. That’s why Guardian Home offers specific services to help Lynnwood businesses and homeowners keep their properties in great shape.

Lynnwood Attic & Crawlspace Services

Attic Cleanouts

Schedule a regular – meaning bi-annual or annual – attic cleanout to keep your Lynnwood attic problem-free. What’s an attic cleanout, you ask? It’s the process of inspecting the space for mold growth, pollutants, rotting wood, roof damage, and signs of pests. Guardian Home technicians complete the process meticulously and provide customers with a treatment plan if needed.

Lynnwood Crawlspace Cleaning

A structure’s crawlspace is the area between it and the ground. It’s a good idea to schedule routine crawlspace cleaning to make sure the area is free of critters, mold, missing insulation, and any other issues. When you schedule a Guardian Home crawlspace cleaning, we’ll send a technician out to your property to inspect the space for these problems and to clear out any present debris. The tech will also replace the vapor barrier and install new insulation, if necessary.

Insulation Replacement Lynnwood

There’s a good chance that you haven’t considered the need to have your insulation replaced. However, missing, thinning, or otherwise-damaged insulation is often responsible for fluctuating indoor temperatures and increased heating and cooling costs. Call Guardian Home to perform an insulation inspection and, if it is in poor condition, to replace it with brand new product.

Vapor Barrier Installation

The vapor barrier is a seemingly simple material that plays a vital role in the protection of Lynnwood homes and buildings. This thick layer of plastic attached to the ground of the crawlspace keeps moisture and mold out and prevents critters from entering the space from underground.

Correct installation of a vapor barrier requires experience, professional materials and tools, and exact execution to ensure the barrier is properly cut, placed, and secured. A vapor barrier installation by Guardian Home will keep your Lynnwood crawlspace protected for years.

Lynnwood Pest Control

How do you prevent a pest infestation in your Lynnwood business or home? Schedule routine pest inspections performed by Guardian Home experts. During the inspection, our technician will check all possible spaces for evidence of pests: frass, droppings, chewed wires, and holes in the wood. A pest infestation can cause serious damage (think about the impact of chewed wires and wood on your home’s structure and function), and can sometimes result in health concerns, too. Rats, cockroaches, and other critters are known to carry diseases.

If we identify a pest population in your home or building, we use targeted measures to rid the structure of the critters. After the pest issue has been taken care of, we make sure all access points are closed off.

Have you realized that your attic or crawlspace is in need of maintenance? Call Guardian Home today, at 877-928-9966.