Attics & Crawlspace Cleaning
and Insulation for Lakewood Homes


Lakewood Crawlspace Cleaning & Attic Clean-Outs

Do you tend to forget about your attic and crawlspace? You’re not alone: most Lakewood home and business owners have an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality when it comes to these spaces. The fact of the matter is, however, that ignoring these unseen areas for too long often leads to serious (and expensive) roof and foundation issues.

After years of serving as Western Washington’s best roofing contractor, Guardian Home has seen just about everything. That includes the extent of damage that results purely from neglect. We strongly encourage our customers to schedule regular maintenance of attics and crawlspaces, to ensure the long life of their homes and buildings.

We know that you might feel in over your head when it comes to the crawlspace and attic care. For this reason, Guardian Home has several clear services, along with suggested appointment schedules, to support Lakewood home and business owners in this process.

Lakewood Crawlspace & Attic Services

Lakewood Attic Cleanouts

Keep your Lakewood attic in excellent shape by scheduling consistent attic cleanouts (we suggest an annual or bi-annual schedule). The attic cleanout process goes something like this: a Guardian Home technician arrives promptly to your property; inspects the attic for mold, wood rot, pest evidence, roof damage, and harmful substances; determines whether there is anything of concern, and provides you with a treatment plan.

Crawlspace Cleaning

Routine maintenance of your crawlspace is important to make sure pest infestations aren’t taking hold, leaks aren’t developing, and mold isn’t growing. Call Guardian Home to come perform a thorough crawlspace cleaning. Our technician will inspect the crawlspace for the aforementioned issues and any other signs of damage, clear the space of debris, replace worn-out insulation, and install a new vapor barrier.

Lakewood Insulation Replacement

Think about how old the insulation is in your home or building. Has it ever been replaced, or even checked out? Worn out, damaged, or missing insulation has an impact since it’s not doing its job of regulating the indoor temperature. The resulting temperature fluctuations can also cause unpleasant changes in the utility bill! Let Guardian Home inspect your insulation and determine its status. If needed, we’ll go ahead and install new insulation.

Vapor Barrier Installation

A vapor barrier is one of the protective components of a structure, put in place to keep moisture, mold, and pests from entering the crawlspace and the building itself. This thick plastic sheet is cut to fit exactly along the ground below the home, as close as possible to the edges and corners. It takes skill and experience to measure and cut the barrier so that not a single inch of dirt is exposed.

Guardian Home takes vapor barrier installation seriously. Our technicians are trained and practiced in barrier installation and come equipped with industry-strength fasteners to tightly secure the material to the ground. The expertly installed vapor barrier will protect your Lakewood crawlspace for years to come.

Lakewood Pest Control

The best way to make sure you keep a pest infestation from taking hold in your Lakewood business or home is to schedule regular pest control appointments. Pest control by Guardian Home starts with a pest inspection performed by one of our technicians. Vulnerable spaces are checked for chewed wires, piles of frass, holes in wood, and animal droppings. Pests like rats and termites can seriously impact a structure’s function and stability. Some critters, like cockroaches and rats, also carry diseases.

The next step, if a pest population is identified, is the implementation of effective pest control measures. Our technician will use targeted controls – like traps or pesticides – to eradicate the unwanted pests from your home or business. Lastly, access points are sealed off to prevent further problems.

Your attic and crawlspace are in good hands with Guardian Home. Call today: 877-928-9966.