Attics & Crawlspace Cleaning
and Insulation for Issaquah Homes


Issaquah Attic Clean-Outs & Crawlspace Cleaning

Do you know the last time your home’s attic or crawlspace was serviced? If your answer is “no,” you’re not alone. Many Issaquah business- and homeowners pay far too little attention to these spaces. Unfortunately, neglect of attics and crawlspace can result in damage, headaches, and preventable repairs. How so? Well, critters might make themselves at home in one of these dark, warm areas and then eventually make their way into your home. Or a leak can develop and lead to extensive water damage and wood rot if it’s not caught early.

At Guardian Home, our people have spent years working in the industry. We regularly see serious foundation and roof problems caused by insufficient maintenance of Issaquah attics and crawlspaces.

After years of neglect, it can feel daunting to start servicing these spaces in Western Washington homes and buildings. For this reason, we offer specific services to help business owners and homeowners have their attics and crawlspaces regularly inspected and properly maintained.

Issaquah Crawlspace & Attic Services

Crawlspace Cleaning

The crawlspace – that small area separating a building from the ground – may be narrow, but it provides more than enough room for pests. Over time, a pest presence can become a pest infestation, and home and business owners may be facing extensive structural damage and health risks. When a Guardian Home technician performs an Issaquah crawlspace cleaning, they’ll inspect for pests and missing insulation, clear debris, and replace the vapor barrier.

Issaquah Attic Cleanouts

Similar to a neglected crawlspace, an unmaintained attic is a perfect spot for critters to make themselves at home. Additionally, attics are susceptible to side effects of roof damage, like leaks, wood rot, and mold. Guardian Home suggests you schedule an annual or bi-annual Issaquah attic cleanout. During the cleanout, a technician will thoroughly inspect the space and note any concerns. If action should be taken, they’ll provide you with a suggested treatment plan.

We Replace & Install Insulation

One sign of failing insulation is inconsistent internal temperatures in your Issaquah home or business. Insulation that isn’t regulating temperature properly can also cause higher utility bills than normal. If you notice either of these things and suspect an issue, call Guardian Home. We will inspect your building or home and assess the condition of the insulation. If it’s wearing out or missing, we’ll replace it with a new, professional-grade product.

Issaquah Vapor Barrier Installation

A vapor barrier is a thick plastic sheet that is carefully secured to the ground below a building to protect the structure and crawlspace from pests, moisture, and mold. Guardian Home offers vapor barrier installation and replacement to ensure that your home or business is kept in good condition for years.

Call today to have the vapor barrier evaluated and replaced in your Issaquah crawlspace. Make sure to have this work done by a professional We use industrial materials and years of experience to quickly and effectively install new barriers that will protect your home or business.

Issaquah Pest Control

The minute you suspect a pest presence in your Issaquah home, contact Guardian Home. We perform inspections as well as effective pest control. When our technicians inspect for pests, they look for droppings, piles of frass, chewed-up wires, and holes in wood. Many pests cause structural damage (rats chew through wires and termites eat wood) and some also transmit diseases, making their presence a health risk, as well.

Guardian Home pest control professionals are experienced and equipped to identify and eliminate issues. Once an infestation is identified, we use measures such as pesticides and traps to eradicate the unwanted population. We then make sure to seal open cracks, creases, and holes to prevent future infestations.

Call Guardian Home today to get your attic and crawlspace back in good health: 877-926-9966!