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Redmond Attic Clean-outs & Cleaning

Redmond homeowners and business owners often disregard their attics since that part of the structure are out of sight.

If you neglect your attic, then there’s a strong chance you also have a pest problem in your house. Birds and rodents can turn the unsealed openings in your attics into their nests. Rodents can destroy your insulation and also make your home dirty and contaminated, even causing an unpleasant smell. To solve this problem, an all-inclusive attic clean-out is needed. The Guardian Home team will check the attic areas for any damage and fix them before cleaning the entire space.

To assist our customers in the management of these parts of their buildings, we offer several targeted services.

Redmond Attic Services

Attic Clean-outs

Attic clean-outs are an important part of your house’s health. Our certified specialists will inspect your Redmond attic for mold, pests, roof damage, harmful pollutants, and wood rot. Our specialist will then create a treatment plan for you to consider if any of the signs are found. Schedule annual or bi-annual attic cleanouts with Guardian Home today!

Insulation Removal

Do the temperatures in your Redmond home fluctuate? Inadequate or missing insulation may be at the heart of the problem.  Let Guardian Home help. We’ll send a team to assess your insulation and determine if it needs to be replaced.

Call Guardian Home at 877-926-9966 if you’ve been neglecting your attic. We recommend you schedule a clean-out today »