Bonney Lake Attic Insulation Services


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Bonney Lake Attic Clean-outs & Cleaning

Attics are often ignored by Bonney Lake homeowners and business owners because they are out of sight. However, this should not be the case. Serious issues can result from this neglect. Pests such as rats, termites, and wasps move into buildings. Other problems include leaks which may cause the growth of mold and wood rot.

At Guardian Home, we offer top-quality roof replacement and repair contractor services in Bonney Lake. We have discovered, through our years serving homeowners and business owners, that roof and foundation issues often arise from crawlspaces and attics that are not maintained.

We have developed targeted services to help our customers better manage these parts of their buildings.

Bonney Lake Attic Services

Attic Cleanouts

Call Guardian Home to plan annual or bi-annual attic clean-outs! Our qualified Guardian Home operator will check your Bonney Lake attic for pests, wood rot mold, harmful pollutants, and roof damage. If he/ she finds any of these things, the expert will come up with a treatment plan for you to consider.

Insulation Removal

You might have an insulation problem if the temperatures in your Bonney Lake home keep fluctuating or if you can’t keep your indoor temperatures controlled. You may be lacking insulation, or your insulation might not be thick enough. We can help by first assessing the status of your insulation then removing the old insulation, and substituting it with superior new insulation.

To have your attic checked, Call Guardian Home at 877-926-9966. We offer premier and dependable Attic services to Bonney Lake residents. Schedule a cleanout today!