How Can Gutters Help During Heavy Rain Season?

In the Pacific Northwest, we get some very wet weather. Sometimes, this means blowing rain and snow, other times it means very heavy downpours. This means having high-quality, efficient rain gutters on your home is essential.

We all know the purpose of rain gutters is to direct the rain water down off your roof and away from your home to prevent water damage on our roof, attic and exterior of your home. They protect your home’s foundations from the water that pools after a rainstorm, preventing damages that could ultimately compromise your property as a whole. Guardian rain gutter installation experts take care to install your gutters properly by mounting them below your roof’s edge, ensuring that they can last for many decades without ever failing to fulfill their purpose. Rain gutters are popular in all parts of the country, but they are essential in the Pacific Northwest where rainstorms can be intense. Gutters are specifically built to withstand a bad storm, but they can overflow in heavy rain. but most people aren’t very familiar with the cause of overflowing and damaged gutters.

Rain Gutters Help In Heavy Rain

Ensuring that your rain gutters remain stable and efficient during heavy rains should be the first goal of the installation process. Heavy rains are your main concern because they mean constant onslaught of water falling on the roof and foundations. Your rain guttering system is meant to ease this burden and keep pace with all the rainwater, regardless of the speed and frequency at which it falls. Your Guardian roofing contractor will design your gutters and downspouts to accurately fit into the building’s measurements, using durable materials that can withstand a heavy rainstorm.

Gutter Overflow

Ideally, your gutter system is designed to rule out the possibility of spillage, but there are instances of heavy rain that manage to overflow the gutters, sending a shower of water down the sides of your house. If gutter overflow is a regular occurrence each time you get heavy rain, it’s likely that your gutters are too small to handle the amount of water despite being perfectly positioned to do the job or there is damage or debris causing problems. Many houses have 5-inch gutters, but 6-inch gutters make a BIG difference when handling large amounts of water. To get maximum water-removing capacity without sacrificing your gutter’s proper placement, the best approach is to opt for custom-made gutters that can be adapted to your roof’s specific requirements and design.

One of the reasons your gutters might overflow is because the problem is your gutter’s pitch is too shallow to remove water efficiently. Another reason might be your gutters are leaning farther away from your roof. These stability problems could be easily solved after replacing the brackets that support your gutters and ensuring the proper pitch. In other cases, stability issues may indicate structural damages that can only be fixed more with extensive repairs.  A third reason your gutters may overflow is the placement of your downspouts. In some cases, not having enough downspouts to direct the water away from your home may cause overflowing gutters. If the downspouts are not correctly placed, water will backup and overflow  

The Main Cause Of Overflow

When you have your gutters installed by professional roofing contractors. installation problems are rather rare. The most common cause of overflowing gutters is obstructions and clogs. Most of the time, leaves, dirt, and twigs block the passage of water inside your gutter, obstructing the flow of water to the downspout until the water spills over the side. Sometimes, these clogs begin with prior damage to the gutter and the gutter collects debris, which causes more damage. Clogs are more evident during heavy rainstorms, but a severe clog may cause water to overflow even in mild rain.

Regular maintenance and cleaning usually prevents problems before they begin, since the debris will be removed on a regular basis. This is especially important during the rainy season.

Guardian roofing recommends having your gutters cleaned at least once a year. But, depending on where you live, you may need to clean your gutters more often. You should regularly inspect your gutter system for damage, especially after every rainstorm. Regular cleaning usually means getting up on the ladder to inspect your gutters and remove debris. You may want to have Guardian roofing professionals maintain your gutter system for you to prevent accidents.  Guardian Roofing offers specialized gutter cleaning and inspection services ensuring that your gutters remain in top condition. We also can install gutter guards to prevent leaves, dirt, and other debris from entering your gutters.

Gutter Guards for Seattle Homes

If you are local to the Pacific Northwest and live in a residential single family home, the chances of you having debris in your gutters are high.

In fact, gutters were created specifically for a continuously wet environment like Washington State. The function of gutters are to guide rainwater off the roof and away from the foundation of the structure, mitigating damage to your home and adjacent grounds. Without gutters, runoff water runs towards the home, wearing down the siding and eroding the foundation, causing costly and unwanted repairs. Overall, gutters are an extremely important investment when it comes to protecting your home.

But what protects your gutters? The same rainwater that flows down your gutters also carries with it debris like shingle granules, pine needles, and leaves. Over time and if left unchecked, this debris accumulates and clogs your gutters, which in turn prevents water drainage, causes damage to the home, and eventually the corrosion of the gutters themselves. 

As the leading Roofing Contractor from Seattle to Tacoma, Guardian Roofing’s #1 goal has always been to extend the life of your roof. After hundreds of thousands of roof inspections that involved getting onto the roof and inspecting the fascia and gutters, we realized in addition to needing roof assistance our clients were also in need of gutter help too! That is why we are so excited to partner with GutterDome and bring the installation of these top of the line gutter guards into our services offerings and help you extend the life your gutters! 

Protect your home with Gutter Guards from GutterDome

Gutter Dome is a screen that provides a permanent solution to the unavoidable issue of clogged gutters. Unmatched in durability and performance, Award Winning GutterDome has several unique factors that set it apart as the industry’s best choice for gutter guards. 

  • Performance – A distinctive dome shaped mesh prevents debris from gathering on the surface of the guard.
  • Strength – Made of long-lasting military grade extruded aluminum, unlike other brands made of rolled aluminum and plastic.
  • Durability – Clear anodizing finish stops corrosion and extends the life of the gutters. 
  • Warranty – Backed by a 30 year Lifetime Guarantee to safeguard your investment.

If there is tree coverage over or near your roof, or if you frequently find your gutters clogged or overflowing Guardian Roofing recommends you have a professional inspect your roof and gutters immediately. Our knowledgeable technicians will work with you to find the right action plan for your gutters. Whether you need roof repair, a replacement, maintenance, or gutter guards, you can count on Guardian to help you make an informed decision.

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