Winter Weather can send rodents and other pests indoors

In the Pacific Northwest, cold rainy weather is quickly approaching. The increasingly wet weather this winter is part of a weather cycle called El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) climate pattern. For the Northwest, the La Nina part of the ENSO cycle also means that our weather will likely include extreme cold and heavy rain for the next few months. Cold icy weather can damage the roof and exterior parts of the house. Even the smallest crack can allow ants, rodents and even raccoons into our homes. Like us, they are looking for a warm, dry place to call home for the winter.

In preparation for the wintery weather, you should be proactive in defending your home from common winter pests. Ignoring the little cracks and holes leads to pests in your home. Once they are there, it can be difficult to remove them.  Pests such as raccoons, skunks, mice, bats, squirrels, and some insects should be considered a serious threat to most any Seattle home or business. 

Mice, Rats and other rodents

Rodents easily adapt to different environments. In the pacific northwest, the main species of rats are Roof Rats and Norway Rats. The two most common mice types are the House Mouse and Deer Mouse. Most animals hibernate during winter, but rodents do not. These rodents stay in the dark recesses in your home. They can damage your walls and floors and bite through your electrical wiring, exposing your home to a fire hazard. Invading pests may also carry various diseases such as salmonella and Hantavirus, putting those inside the home at risk. If you do find evidence of rodents in your home, do not wait it out! If you see one rodent, there are always more. Call a reputable pest control company to address the issue immediately before serious damage is made to your home and health.


Ants are another kind of insect that can be found in houses during the cool weather in winter. Different from spiders, you are most likely to find many ants in your home at once. The issue about this intrusion is that they can get into anything, especially food sources, like syrup bottles, jars, and others. There are very few things a homeowner likes seeing around the house less than ants. They can get into your food and even damage the foundation and structure of your home. However, with a little knowledge and some help from Guardian Pest Control, you can smash an infestation and make sure that it never happens again.

Prevention and pest control actions you can take In order to stop such pests for entering and thriving in your home during this winter, you can practice some measures that can make your home less vulnerable.

  • Clean up outside: A lot of pests hide in piles of leaves during winter to keep warm. You need to rake and remove the leaves and keep bushes away from your home.
  • Keep the inside of your house clean: Pests are in your home looking for food and water. Declutter, wipe down the kitchen counters and cover your trash bins tightly.
  • Keep the exterior of your home free from shrubbery and debris. Allow at least a foot of space between the exterior of your home and any bushes, undergrowth, and general clutter so that pests do not have a way to climb onto or into any siding or entry points.
  • Close holes and other possible points of entry. Caulk and seal any holes or cracks that might serve as points of entry.
  • Use garbage can lids that cannot be opened by animals.  Keep them secured to stop raccoons or other animals from looking into your trash.

What Guardian Pest Control Will Do for You

When you hire our pest control services, our team of professionals use a tried and trusted approach to remove the threat permanently.

  • Inspection: It isn’t enough to locate the pests, it is essential to understand why they are coming into your home. For example, Carpenter Ants love wet wood. In the case of rodents and insects, we determine the different ways they get in and devise a strategy to keep them out!
  • Exclusion: One of the best ways to keep pests out of your home is by addressing any minor damage to key entry points. When dealing with mice, for instance, we look for the gaps they use to come in and seal them or lay traps.
  • Exterminate: We only embark on full extermination when we are 100% sure that it will be successful.
  • Prevention: While other pest control services in Seattle are content to do the bare minimum, Guardian Pest Control strives to go the extra mile for our customers. Once our exterminator has done his job, the next step is to set up an external barrier to ensure you never have to contend with those pests again.

At Guardian Pest Control, our goal is to provide the highest level of service with the best results! In fact, it is our commitment to our customers that lead us to winning the Angie’s List Super Service Award for 2020! We understand your sense of urgency to treat your home if the threat of infestation occurs. Our exterminators are qualified and experienced in removing all manner of pests from residential properties. Don’t wait! Call the Experts at Guardian Pest Control today! We find solutions where others have failed!

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