Can You Install A Roof In The Rain?

The roof is a vital component of your home. You need it to stay in good shape to ensure your home is protected from rain, wind, hail, snow, and other outside elements. Since your roof forms the first line of defense against these elements, it can deteriorate over time and require repair or replacement. The big dilemma many homeowners who live in wetter climates face is whether it’s possible to install a roof in the rain.

While it’s always advisable to schedule roof repair and replacement projects during favorable weather conditions, some emergency damages may not wait any longer for the weather to improve. If you’ve started your roof replacement process and it suddenly begins to rain, you may be tempted to continue through the rain. Professionally, it’s not advisable to install roofs when it’s raining. Any reputable roofer will put in place mechanisms to safeguard your home from the outside precipitation until it’s dry enough to safely and efficiently complete your project. Here are the reasons why you should not install shingles in the rain:

1. Shingles Won’t Fasten Properly

Other than increasing the likelihood of fungal and organic growth in your roof’s interior, rainwater will interfere with the installation process. Shingles are not designed to be installed under wet conditions, and many underlayment components will be susceptible to water damage.

2. It Can Void Your Roofing Warranty

Most manufacturers often provide service warranties for their roofing materials. However, improper installation can void the warranty coverage. There are sets of installation requirements your contractor must follow to keep the warranty active, and working under harsh weather conditions could easily void your warranty.

3. Dangerous for Workers

Shingles and other roofing materials will obviously become slippery under wet conditions. This can become even riskier if sheets of ice form on your roof during colder months. A reputable contractor won’t allow their roofers onto a wet roof in the rain because of the higher risk of injuries. It’s best to consult your local roofer before scheduling major roofing projects during wet seasons.

Are you planning to replace your roof in the greater Puget Sound Area? Guardian Homes can help you make a plan to best suit your needs. It’s always counterintuitive to replace a roof under rainy situations, but we have the right equipment and expertise to help you address emergency roofing issues before water wreaks havoc in your home. Contact us today for a free estimate.