What You Need To Know About Storm Proofing

What You Need To Know About Storm Proofing

Severe storms in the greater Puget Sound area can take a toll on your roof. This leaves your home more vulnerable to serious damage, including water damage. Storm proof roofing services from Guardian Home can help ensure your roof is ready to handle West Coast storms, including downpours and high winds.

About Storm Proofing Services

Guardian Home offers storm proofing, which is a roof diagnostic done before storm season starts. This diagnostic provides a way for our roofing experts to check your roof for any problems needing to be addressed. Having these problems fixed helps reduce the risk of your roof suffering severe damage when storms hit.

What Storm Proofing Includes

Storm proofing includes an inspection of your roof to look for signs of minor or major issues you’ll need to have repaired. Our roofing experts use a Red/Yellow/Green form, which serves as a visual report of your roof. This form can help you understand the condition your roof is in and which areas need to be fixed before storm season.

Our roofing professionals will provide you with factual data in order to validate the analysis of your roof condition. Whether you have missing or loose shingles, damaged flashing, loose or bent gutters, or other issues needing fixing, we’ll make sure you have detailed information on these problems. We can then handle any repairs your roof needs before storm season starts.

Our storm proofing services also include moisture meters. They provide saturation levels, which can help determine whether or not your roof is in danger of water or moisture damage. When you have one of these meters, you’ll know when to have your roof checked for water damage after storms occur.

Benefits of Storm Proofing

Windy conditions and heavy rains can create many problems for your roof. When you have storm proofing done before any storms pass through the area, you’ll have a much lower chance of having major storm damage occur. Since the damage can be costly, such as when you have interior water damage, storm proofing also helps you avoid expensive repairs.

If you need storm proof roofing services in the greater Puget Sound area, please contact Guardian Home today to learn more about us. We can help ensure your roof is protected before the storm season starts!