The Guardian Gazette: November 2019 Newsletter

**Please note, the Guardian Office will be closed Thursday November 28th through Friday November 29th in honor of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Normal business hours will resume Saturday November 30th! Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s that time of year again! Guardian is kicking off our yearly coat & jacket drive in partnership with the One Warm Coat Organization! Over the last 27 years the One Warm Coat Organization has helped facilitate over 34,000 coat drives, which has resulted in the donation of 6,116,416 coats. Wow!

Last year Guardian received over 350 donated coats, which we were then able to give to 4 different nonprofit organizations, including a local women’s shelter. This year we hope to exceed last year’s numbers. If you have a gently used coat, jacket, or sweater that you no longer have use for, please consider donating it to our drive! Together we can help those less fortunate stay warm this winter!

We know DIY’ing is all the rage right now and who doesn’t love a good home improvement project from time to time? While we all appreciate the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and tackle a problem head on, sometimes the best (and the safest) thing to do is call a professional.

In honor of Thanksgiving, we are giving you 3 telltale signs straight from our Comprehensive Roof Diagnostic Form that you need to put down the hammer and call a professional.

Visible Roof Damage – Buckled shingles, missing shingles, or shingles with severe granules loss are key example of when your roof may need professional services. Buckling and absent shingles can lead to roof leaks, and if not addressed, the rotting of the wood beneath. Granule loss is caused by the drying out of the asphalt on your shingle, leading granules to become dislodged and loose. This occurrence is normally found on an older roof and is a sign your shingles are wearing out and need to be replaced. All of these signs can be discovered by looking at your roof from a distance, or if shingles and granules are found on the ground around the perimeter of your home.

Moss, Algae, & Leaves – It’s normal for debris to accumulate on your roof throughout the fall and winter, or after a big storm. However, if left on your roof for an extended period of time that debris can cause major problems. Moss and algae are plants that grow roots, which in turn dig into your shingles causing exposure, water damage and granule dislodgement. Roof debris like leaves and pine needles promote the growth of algae and can clog your gutters and downspouts, preventing proper water drainage.

Insulation – If you have noticed that your home is not retaining heat or it takes longer to heat in general, you might be under-insulated. Homes are only required to have a specific amount of insulation put in during construction, but often that amount is not equal in relation to the size of the home or the exterior conditions. If you are unsure if your home is under insulated another good indicator are hot floors/ walls in the summer and cold floors/walls in the winter; this indicates that the temperature outside is permeating your home, instead of being kept out.

If your home is suffering from any of these warning signs, please don’t risk your safety or your time by attempting to fix them on your own. Call Guardian today and let us help you so you can get back to enjoying the Holidays!


This month’s featured review:

“You made commitments and followed through on them. I knew what to expect and that is what happened. I appreciate the communication. The work is top notch and they left my place with no additional clean up needed by me. I’ve used them in the past for small repairs and the experience was the same. That is why they were my only choice when I needed to replace [my roof]. Highly recommend.”


We are so grateful for our customer reviews. A kind review is one of the greatest gifts the Guardian team can receive from a client. Each month we reward three clients for their positive accolades.

This month, we are rewarding Michelle U, Jane F, and Matt S.
Be on the lookout for a pair of Movie Theater E-tickets to arrive in your email inbox soon!



Meet the Team!

Meet Dominique Fields!

Guardian is excited to introduce our newest Team member, Dominique Fields!

As our newest Client Service Representative, Dominique loves to help solve problems and find solutions.

She appreciates how Guardian is client focused and goes above and beyond to call of duty to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. In her spare time she enjoys hiking and kayaking.

Welcome Dominique!

Guardian Goofies!

Raising the Roof with a little humor!




The Countdown is on for the Halo Project!


Guardian Roofing is pleased to announce on December 3rd (Giving Tuesday) we will be actively accepting nominations for our Guardian Halo Project 2020.

Through the Halo Project we will be gifting one homeowner in desperate need with a major roof repair or total replacement! To learn more about this project click this link!



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