Roof Cleaning: Leave It To Guardian

As a homeowner, most of us have a long list of “to-do” items. We all like the sense of accomplishment when a project gets done, but those home projects take time. After a while, some items may get overlooked. One of these things is roof maintenance. Regular roof maintenance is necessary for your roofe to be safe and perform it’s waterproofing duty. But, since we aren’t up there very often, it gets forgotten. And, in the Pacific Northwest, the roof can accumulate moss, mold, and mildew. Unlike some jobs on your “D-I-Y” list, cleaning the roof is best left to the professionals.

The biggest reason you should have Guardian perform your roof cleaning is safety.  Being on your roof brings a significant risk of falls All it takes is stepping on a small branch or a loose shingle to lose your footing. Many falls simply occur from carelessness or inexperience. If you don’t set the ladder just right or carelessly take a misstep, you’re suddenly falling to the ground. And, that fall may mean a trip to the hospital. Stepping onto a ladder climbing off a roof adds the difficulty of not being able to see where you are stepping. There is also the risk that the ladder falls BEFORE you get on it. And then, you will be stuck up on the roof. Your roofing experts have all the necessary safety experience and equipment to get the job done quickly and safely. 

 Roof and gutter cleaning is not terribly complicated, but it isn’t exactly straightforward either. Properly cleaning and maintaining your roof and gutters requires proper attention and diligence. While your gutters may seem like they are easy to clean, it’s more than just snooping out the leaves. Your downspouts need proper cleaning, tooo. You can’t just drag your garden hose up there and use the water to flush them out. The clogged downspouts might just back the water up under the shingles. A higher pressure flushing is needed. And, dragging a house up and down the ladder increases the risk of slipping. Also, whenever your gutters are cleaned, they should also be inspected to ensure they are attached securely at the correct angle. Clean gutters are worthless if they can’t actually collect the water and drain effectively. Your roofing professionals can also spot any potential problems, like water damage, during their inspection.

In the Pacific Northwest, our climate is perfect for moss, mold, and mildew growth. You might think that cleaning a roof requires pressure washing. Pressure washing causes damage to the roof and peels layers of weather fighting roofing away. Cleaning your roof this way will shorten the life of your roof and cause leaks.

Some roofing companies offer chemical roof cleaners. You can also find D-I-Y homemade cleaning recipes. But, most roof cleaners are toxic. And, those corrosive chemicals on your roof may temporarily halt the growth of moss, nold, and mildew, but are very harmful to your roof and the environment. IThose chemical roofing solutions also must be applied in the exact amounts and evenly across the entire roof surface. If not, all of the growth won’t be and you’ll leave unsightly blemishes. Now your roof isn’t completely clean and your curb appeal is gone. 

Hiring a professional to properly clean your roof or gutters is not that expensive. It is likely to be less expensive than doing it yourself, given the safety and efficiency issues. There is also the cost of your time.  You would have to make trips to the store for the chemicals, get set up and clean your roof and gutters. And, then the time to clean up afterwards. After all that, you look at your work and realized you missed spots. Even worse, you may have damaged your shingles or flashing in the process or gotten hurt. That adds up to costly repairs, medical bills, or time off from work.

What you need is a non-abrasive, non-toxic Guardian expert to clean and preserve your roof. Guardian Roffing’s exclusive process uses non abrasive cleaning methods that will not damage your roof. We use a concentrated preservation spray material that is made exclusively for roofing that our installers are certified by the manufacturer to mix for your application. And the biodegradable antifungal preservative we use will kill existing moss and algae and keep it away for up to 5 Years Guaranteed!*

Reasons Why Guardian is Your Best Choice for Roof Maintenance

  • Answers Phones With Live People 24/7
  • On Time Appointments
  • Drug Screened and Background Checked Employees
  • Full Service Roofing Contractor
  • Manufacturer Certified Installers
  • Coating Manufactured Specifically For Roof Preservation.
  • Actual Manufacturer Guarantee Against Fungus Growth
  • Employees Fully Insured
  • Clean and Courteous Technicians
  • Squeaky Clean Job Sites

Sometimes it’s best to pick up the phone and leave it to the professionals. Plumbing, electrical, and roofing are three areas where DIY is not recommended. They require expertise and experience. Call us at 877-926-9966 to schedule your FREE on time roof cleaning and maintenance estimate, or schedule online. After filling out the form we will contact you right away. (Filling out the form saves you time on the phone!)