Guardian Pest Control Announces Entomologist Designation And Key Certifications

Pest Control Service Provider Obtains Distinguished Certifications

(AUBURN, WA May 1, 2018) – Guardian Home, a Seattle-based home service provider has recently brought on a Certified Entomologist to bolster their offering of pest control services. In addition, Guardian has successfully secured sixteen key certifications for pest control services in Washington.

Pest control service providers are required to obtain certain certifications to ensure standards of quality and expertise in the service field. Guardian is one of only three companies to obtain sixteen certifications regarding pest control. Also of note is that Guardian has is one of only a few providers to have a Certified Entomologist on staff. Most providers only have a single certification and generalists who provide the service and analyses. Guardian’s Entomologist brings an expert level of pest control, thereby offering a higher level of service and knowledge to their customers.

The services Guardian provides include termite control, ant control, rodent control, bedbug control, bees and wasps, fleas, roaches, spiders, termite extermination and attic cleanouts. While many instances of pest control tend to be reactive in nature, it is important to consider that Guardian also offers a protection plan to ensure that pests remain under control in homes and that future incidences are prevented proactively.

According to Remy Turner, Head Entomologist of Guardian Pest Control, “Our certifications set Guardian apart from the rest of the companies out there by the broad range of technical expertise we have. Most companies hold one or two licenses so they are limited to what they offer to the customer. I think even if the customer doesn’t want/need a particular service, it is good to be knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry. It helps build confidence and trust with the customer.”

About the Company: Guardian Home Services is trusted by homeowners and businesses from Tacoma to Seattle. As full-service residential roof contractors for repairs, replacement, minor and major roofing projects, Guardian Home has established itself as the premier roofing contractor in Seattle and surrounding areas. Founded in 2005, Guardian has helped thousands of clients in the Puget Sound protect their homes and families, holding the distinction of being the only Roofing Contractor endorsed by Rob McKenna, former Attorney General for the State of Washington.

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