The Guardian Gazette: December 2017 Newsletter


We will be closed on December 25th, 2017 and January 1st, 2018.

The Guardian Gazette: December 2017 Newsletter

Happy Holidays from Guardian Roofing!

Matt and I would like to wish all of you the happiest of Holidays and all the best in the coming year!

Winter time always reminds us of our very first months of starting Guardian Roofing. Looking back, starting a Roofing Company in the Fall & Winter was a pretty crazy idea! Well, call us crazy, but here we are 12 years later and we couldn’t be more proud and amazed with all the milestones we’ve accomplished thanks to our team and family of clients.

One of the greatest rewards of having a small business has been the ability to give back to the community. When we first started Guardian, we didn’t have a lot of extra funds so we held our very own winter coat drive and would donate them to the Tacoma Rescue Mission. The peace of mind, safety, and warmth provided by a good roof reminded us of the security, comfort, and warmth one feels when they are protected by a warm coat.

In the frosty days ahead, the need for warm coats will only continue to increase! This is exactly why Guardian Roofing will be bringing back a past tradition to fill our trucks full of warm winter coats! We are officially kicking off our Warm Coat Drive with this December newsletter and next week will begin to collect and deliver them to local charities here in Pierced and King Co.

Even more exciting to us is the opportunity to partner with One Warm Coat! Not only will we be able to provide local support, but any funds we raise will help the over $50 million people in need all across the United States. One Warm Coat is a non-for-profit that’s been helping individuals, groups, companies and organizations across the country to provide over $5 million warm coats and awareness for over 25 years!

Our goal is to collect over 500 coats for our community and raise a minimum of $500 dollars to help One Warm Coat’s National Coat Drive Program. If you have coat(s) you’d like to donate, please feel free to drop off at our office or we’ll gladly pick up when we are in your area from now until January 31st or you can visit our custom site here to donate. Regardless of the donation, anything will help and we truly appreciate your generosity.

Enjoy the Holiday Season and we hope 2018 is a Wonderful Year for you and your family!

Thank you for your business and continued support.

Matt & Lori Swanson

“It’s getting colder hear in the Puget Sound, which means we’re cranking the heat up in our homes!”

The Guardian Gazette: December 2017 Newsletter

Owens Corning’s corning shared statistics that site More than 40% of the energy that is used to heat homes escapes through an under-insulated attic.

Guardian Roofing now offer’s ProCat Blown-In Insulation. Not only will this keep the heat under your roof, but it could cut your energy bill up to 15% immediately.

If you or someone you know is planning on repairing or replacing a roof, it’s a great time to make your Home Energy efficient!



The Guardian Gazette: December 2017 Newsletter

Celebrate every day of the season with these clever decorating projects, easy DIYs and festive entertaining ideas.

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The Guardian Gazette: December 2017 Newsletter


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