Buyer Beware – When buying a home, be suspicious of repairs done as part of the sale.

When buying a home, it is customary (And very wise) to have an inspection performed. These inspections go a long way to uncover  issues that are currently a problem. They can also reveal issues that could occur in the near future.

There are some components of the home that mortgage companies focus on, because if they fail it could cause financial hardship to the homeowner so great it could affect their ability to pay their mortgage.

The roof is one of these components. And mortgage companies want a roof to last a certain amount of time after the transaction is complete.

Because of this, many times the roof either needs to be repaired or even replaced in order for the sale to go through.

When the seller or real estate agents are in charge of handling these repairs there is the possibility that price may over ride quality, and you as the buyer may get a less than desirable result.

This is what happened to the Sato family in Sammammish. Check out this story done by KOMO Problem Solver Connie Thompson.