Ask Jesse King 5 – Guardian Roofing helps homeowner

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by Jesse Jones / KING 5 Follow: @getjesse Posted on February 25, 2014 at 12:23 AM Updated Tuesday, Feb 25 at 11:14 AM

Francine Artis’ roof looks great on the outside but on the inside it’s an entirely different story.  Even worse, she can’t get the company who put up her roof to honor its warranty. “Extremely disappointed, very disappointed,” said Artis. 

“When you put out that kind of money, you pay good quality, you want quality work and workmanship and it just, it didn’t happen.”

After getting references and checking the Labor and Industries website, Artis hired Thompson Roofing and Gutters in May 2006.  She paid $7,000 for her new roof. 

Now, almost eight years later, she’s seeing dark spots where moisture is seeping through the ceiling.

“I started noticing some staining on the roof and inside my living space,”

explained Artis. 

“But then I started noticing it was getting darker and it was appearing in other rooms.”  

Artis had a 15 year warranty so she called Thompson Roofing to make the repairs.

“Little did I know that when they folded up their business that all that was pretty much out the window,”

said Artis. According to Shari Purves-Reiter with Washington Labor and Industries, a warranty only lasts as long as the company.

“A lifetime warranty, you want to think about if it’s a real lifetime warranty because companies come and go all the time,”

explained Purves-Reiter. Artis is also out the opportunity to go after Thompson’s $12,000 bond because she only has two years from the last date the business did work or abandoned the job.  So, Artis called me and I contacted Matt Swanson from Guardian Roofing.  He worked with Thompson Roofing but left and started his own company before the Ms. Artis’ job.

“We saw there were some obvious problems that wouldn’t be that difficult to fix so it was a good opportunity for us to help out,”

explained Swanson. Swanson’s crew fixed the roof and added ventilation all free of charge.

“He came out took a look at the inside of the roof and on top of the roof and came back with a resolution and today’s the workers are here and taking care of everything and we’ll be good to go,”

exclaimed Artis. I contacted the folks from Thompson Roofing.  They asked for my number and did not return my call.  Remember to pick an established company with a good track record because if they go under, your warranty could be all wet.