Is a Metal Roof Best for Seattle?

This is a question we receive on a regular basis. Many consumers are under the impression that a metal roof means a lifetime of worry free weather protection. This is partially true.

Metal is an excellent material that is very durable. It is lightweight and comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. If these are the reasons you may be interested in Metal Roofing then you will probably be satisfied with the performance of a metal roof. (Assuming it is installed correctly)

However, many people invest in metal because like many homeowners in the Seattle, and Tacoma area, they have tree needles and moss on their roof.

This is where things get a little fuzzy


Here is an example of a metal roof her in the beautiful northwest. This is a client of our who we have been helping for many years to maintain his metal roof. Maintenance means getting on the roof and scrubbing the algae and yuck off with a pressure washer. This is VERY dangerous. It is also costly.

Needle Build-up

As you can see a little closer, the needles will even build up on flat metal sloped surfaces. This is because trees drop pollen and sap on the roof which catches the needles and causes build up.

Sludge on Metal Roof

Notice the sludge left on the metal panels from the trees. This can also happen on the Northern Exposure of Metal Roofs in the Seattle Metro Area.

This is how it looks after cleaned. (And our skilled washer falling multiple times on the roof.)

Other issues that can happen with metal (Or any sloped roof) when debris and moss gather are leaks due to water being directed where it should not go.

The key to investing in the right roof for your home is to solicit the services of a superior roofing contractor that is CERTIFIED in all types of roofing material types. They will have the expertise to examine your roof and accurately diagnose and educate you on the possibilities for your home that will perform and provide the appearance you desire.

If you have had a chance to review our client feedback you will see that Guardian Roofing is a company filled with experts that help Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue homeowners find the right roof for their home.

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